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4th Chaos Emerald :iconthatgirldestiny:ThatGirlDestiny 1 2
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Vegeta's 10 worst nightmares by pallottili Vegeta's 10 worst nightmares :iconpallottili:pallottili 9,549 2,947 +:.Feel It.:+ by Anthea-Venilia +:.Feel It.:+ :iconanthea-venilia:Anthea-Venilia 10 16 Rouge x Zeena by ss2sonic
Mature content
Rouge x Zeena :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 896 46
Shadouge Love Story Chapter 1
       On Planet Mobius, a black red-streaked hedgehog named Shadow The Hedgehog was skating/running around. He is Sonic The Hedgehog’s friendly rival and “faker” because they look alike. A white female bat named Rouge The Bat has a crush on Shadow, but he is too stubborn to express his true feelings.
       Right now, Shadow was running around when he sees Lex Rodriguez reading under a tree. She is Sonic’s girlfriend, Shadow always calls her “Rodriguez.” He walks to her. “Hey, Rodriguez.” She looked up from her book.
       “Hey, Shadow.” He sits next to her. “How are you?”
       “I’m good. You?”
       “Not bad. So…”
       “How are you and Sonic?”
       “Very great. He’s a great lover. Have you told Rouge yet?
:iconsonicriders22:sonicriders22 6 6
Little Red Dress by MolochTDL
Mature content
Little Red Dress :iconmolochtdl:MolochTDL 109 32
Mature content
A Sonouge story chapter 5 Sonic's birthday part 3 :iconsonougesupporter112:sonougesupporter112 6 7
SonOuge by STC3000 SonOuge :iconstc3000:STC3000 58 5
Train Ride
Shadow set at a bench at the train station, with a suitcase. The city was sending him on a weeks pained vacation for saving the city so many times. The only catch was that Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Silver, Blaze, and Rouge were going. Rouge, Blaze and Silver didn't bother him, in fact they were good friends; but the fact of being stuck with the faker and his friends annoyed Shadow greatly. They were being sent to a luxurious resort on the beach, but it was a two day trip by train to the resort. A two day trip with Sonic and his annoying friends no less.
He was actually not going to go on the trip, but Rouge convinced Shadow to go. Shadow and Rouge had been dating for almost seven months, but only Silver and Blaze knew, sort of by accident (*ahem*… they saw them making out XD)
Shadow sat on the bench, eyes closed, arms crossed. But a familiar, cocky voice disturbed him.
"Hey Shads!" Sonic called from the stairs that lead to the train floor. With him were Ta
:iconsquidni:Squidni 43 24
Deaf Ears - Ch.14
"..sensors picking up radio transmission… communication line received.. re-routing connection… sequence begin in 5.. 4… 3.. 2.. 1…"
BRAAAHHH  YEEEEHHHH machine sounds could be heard, they were like thunder. Everyone in the ship shot their heads to the sky, noticing the loud crackle.
"What in the world?" Rouge whispered.
The boat started to shake violently.
"yueaaraaah!" Rouge held onto the bathtub, the bubbles and the water splashed everywhere.
Shadow blinks "…Wha?"
Rouge quickly slips back into her clothes, 'Good thing I didn't take my make up off yet' she thought. She ran to the door but stopped when she saw Shadow "Shadow? What are you doing here?"
Shadow got up onto his feet, a little shaken up, but who wasn't, with a ship that big, it was like a giant earthquake.
   The boat began to shake more. The vaces and pictures on the well shook off and fell to the floor, glass broken everywhere. Shadow and Rouge were more interested in what was causing this disturb
:iconrouge11:rouge11 23 20
Deaf Ears - ch13
The note reads:
Dear Shadow,
   There's something I need to talk to you about, but I never got around to doing it. You think you could meet me out by the pool tonight?
Rouge T. Bat
It was evening, Shadow waited against the wall near the pool. Rouge came from the other side of the ship and walked up to him.
Shadow looked at her awaiting her explanation for the note.
"Hi" Rouge waved over to Shadow as she walked up to him. "I see you got my note!" Rouge exclaimed with a wink.
Shadow had a half smile. "…And just what was it you wanted to tell me?"
"Honestly Shadow, so quick to what you want" Rouge's eyelids drifted down a little. 'I hope I can get this stupid set up over with' She thought to herself annoyed at her previous orders. Rouge turned from him, expanding her arms in a stretch like motion. "The truth is Shadow, I think we should really take advantage of the atmosphere here!"
Shadow frowned. "What do you mean"
"Oh come on Shadow!" Rouge faced him again "Lo
:iconrouge11:rouge11 33 32
sxr - Deaf ears ch 8
-----------------------------------Flash back------------------------------------------------
Maria Set the bleach white plate down on the steel table, a stack of pancakes on the plate, syrup on the side; the steel table in the eating quarters of the Space colony. Many tables were in the eating quarters. It resembled a children's cafeteria in a way, only more grown up.
"Dig in!" Maria said with a sweet smile on her face.
Shadow looked at the pancakes and poked it with his fork.
"That liquid turned into this?" he asked, bewildered.
"Yeah, see cooking can do a lotta things"
Shadow poked it again and blinked, it was the first time he saw pancakes.
"Well go on, have a bite." Maria watched shadow in anticipation.
"Well ok" Shadow replied, cutting a slice of the pancake and slowly putting it in his mouth.
Maria blinked, curious as ever.
Shadow chewed the pancake, testing its flavor, he wasn't gonna swallow just anything. He had to make sure it wouldn't be a mistake. Shadow looked to the side
:iconrouge11:rouge11 29 9
SxR - Deaf ears ch.2
Rouge walked up to him, as more than an hour had passed by, breaking the silence.
"Well I'm going to take a bath" she said finishing with a yawn. She continued walking towards the hallway, then turned back to shadow "Don't even think about looking" Rouge warned shadow, to tease him.
Shadow's stare followed her; he lay back relaxing, not replying just yet, though a smirk stretched across his face.
"I wouldn't dare to" shadow replied.
",,hmm well behave yourself" Rouge put her hands on her hips and turned around, walking down the hallway, and up the stairs. Rouge took a dark purple towel and entered her private bathroom. Rouge kneeled by the bathtub, and twisted the knob for hot water to come out, however, nothing came out. "You have got to be kidding me" Rouge said to herself. She then tried the knob for cold water, but it didn't work as well. Rouge stood up looking at the shower nozzle. "I guess it's a shower for me" Rouge said to herself.
Shadow's ear twitched, as he could hear
:iconrouge11:rouge11 34 18
Best FRIEND by 13VOin Best FRIEND :icon13voin:13VOin 618 125 The Slayer's Cake by TriaElf9 The Slayer's Cake :icontriaelf9:TriaElf9 209 23 Cutesu 2 by shrimpHEBY Cutesu 2 :iconshrimpheby:shrimpHEBY 377 14 [SonicRMS}Ask SonicRMS 1 (Read desc please!) by Meggie-Meg [SonicRMS}Ask SonicRMS 1 (Read desc please!) :iconmeggie-meg:Meggie-Meg 64 73


I'm So Tired Right Now But I Can't Give Up . I Need To Finish This Quick Couple

Filename by ThatGirlDestiny
Green Emerald's Dress
I'm Having a bad day today , also it was hard to draw someone's hands that are crossed . I just need a little more practice and I think I'm good

More Drawings Coming Soon
~ Butterfly ~
Finally I got to draw Green Emerald again . 🦋

More Drawings And Bases Coming Soon


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